John Kellum

Each of John's pieces are wheel-thrown, hand-altered, carved, and pieced to create a fluid movement influenced by years of his graphic design experience.

Jane Auciello

Jane looks forward to art and craft shows so she can share her art on a person to person basis. She enjoys knowing that most people would never guess that their necklace is made from an ostrich eggshell.

Bob Bachman

Bob specializes in web site photography and custom wall art. He has a passion for low light and HDR photography. To him, "vivid colors and sharp images are what it's all about."

Tom Chambers

Chambers joins branches in a manner that look completely natural, using a combination of wood and acrylic giving the illusion of naturally flowing branches.

Karen Van Beest

Karen has been developing her ever-evolving glass technique since 1999, creating unique illusions of movement and dimension.

Margaret & Stephen Beauvais

The Beauvaises have been designing beautiful mosaif stain glass art for home decor, windows and doors for two years. They've recently been developing 3D stain glass sculptures, too!