Spring Surprise

The 27th Annual Spring Fiesta in the Park is full of surprises. After 26 years, we are integrating a beer and burger garden in the southeast corner of the park for the first time ever (the grassy area otherwise known for its weekly Sunday Farmers’ Market). We tried it out at November’s Fall Fiesta in the Park, and it was highly successful, bringing more families out to the area for picnicking and games, while raising the level of food vendors participating in the event. This continues with our plan of creating specialty areas within the event that patrons can get excited about.

Another of those areas is our fairly new and integrative Pet Fiesta area. Until now, we’ve hosted it off the Spring Fiesta beaten path, where the park darts out into the lake, otherwise known as the Lake Eola Peninsula off of Robinson Street and Eola Avenue. With the fresh new lawn off of Washington Circle next to the Eola House, we have decided to utilize that area and expand our animal lover’s locale with more pet-friendly vendors, shelters and services from the local community.

One thing we haven’t touched in years and well, is overdue to do so, is the Kids Area off of Robinson Street and Eola Drive. This has always been a popular stop for families, giving parents a little relaxation as their kids jump on the free activities and fun sponsor booths. With that said, the feeling in this area was stale, so we decided to add some new cool items to it. One of those items – the Lake Eola Express – is a passenger train that takes kids on rides around the lake. We’ve also decided to add some carnival themed rides such as a mega swing, hence the name change from “Kids Area” to “Kids Carnival”. As we build more and more momentum in this area, expect to see new and exciting activities and sponsors at each Fiesta in the Park, as we are updating and upgrading the experience for kids, too.

Lastly – the music. We’ve tried in the past to have a main stage, but ironically we do not use the west side of the park for Spring Fiesta in the Park, which houses the amphitheater. Keeping that thought in mind, we decided to scrap the stage idea altogether for the Spring Show, and strategically place local musicians all around the event in different locations. You may be walking down Robinson Street and come upon a fiddler. Take a stroll through the new beer and burger garden and enjoy an acoustic set from a country or folk guitarist. There are other spots too that might surprise you when it comes to music, so keep your ears open wherever you are in the park.

With so many new and cool ideas coming to fruition for our Fiesta in the Park Series, we are always open to your thoughts and opinions. If you have one (or three), tell us on our Facebook page at Fiesta in the Park. We hope to see you this April 2nd and 3rd at Lake Eola Park!

The Fiesta in the Park Committee