The age-old question – does Fiesta in the Park open at 10am or noon on Sunday?

Well, we can finally answer that with 100% certainty. Starting this November, Fiesta in the Park will officially open from 10am-5pm on both Saturday and Sunday of the event weekend. In the past, we have had a soft opening on Sunday morning of 10am, where some artists and vendors opened up, but the official start time was noon and that’s how it’s always been promoted through the years. Everyone has been a bit confused from vendors to sponsors to attendees, so we’re clearing it up once and for all.

The reasoning for this late open on Sunday morning was over forty years ago when Fiesta in the Park was created, our founders were nice enough to work with local churches so their parking would not fill up before services took place.

This friendly deal had been in place throughout the past four+ decades, but with time, comes change. And with that change, there are more parking options than ever in Downtown Orlando, whether it be public garages on Central Boulevard, Rosalind Avenue, behind Robinson Street or along the roads in neighboring Thornton Park. Churches now have better ways to manage their own parking lots and don’t worry about them filling up for events (or simply put an attendant out to make some extra money for the congregation).

We’ll be promoting this November 5th and 6th’s Fall Fiesta in the Park as open BOTH DAYS from 10am-5pm everywhere to get the word out, including radio, television, newspaper and online. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we hope to see you then!