The Future of Orlando

This year’s Fall Fiesta in the Park will be its 45th installment. Almost half a century of time has passed since the first one was held back in November, 1970. Over four and a half decades later, Orlando has changed dramatically. From the days of Disney World opening in 1971 to the glory years of Church Street Station in the ‘70s and ‘80s, to the mega suburban growth that continues today and our own Downtown’s resurgence, there are so many stories to tell along the way that have contributed to the success and makeover of our beautiful city’s landscape.
What is your favorite moment living in Central Florida? Was it the Orlando Magic starting off as an expansion franchise in 1989? Maybe the total resurgence of our downtown area, including local park renovations, new high-rises and businesses along with a state-of-the-art performing arts center to boot? Was it the crazy baseball-sized hail storm in 1992? Okay – obviously if you were here for that, it isn’t your favorite moment, but looking back it was quite spectacular and an important time in our history. We can go on and on and would love to read your thoughts in the comment section below.
With that said, there is still more work to do and growth to come. This city is rising as quickly as any other in the nation, and is a budding community for healthcare, technology and education. It’s an exciting time to be an Orlandoan, and we’re happy to have many of you attend our events every year. In the coming years, expect more green space in the downtown area, more innovation on urban planning, and some really cool amenities like the new soccer stadium and even more events on a regular basis.